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How To Start A Blog

how to start a blog

The most popular posts you like to read is my blog advice, so I decided to create some tips for some of the new bloggers out there that may be looking for some help. Of course, if you already have a blog you can apply these tips to your blog as well, as every little helps!

Know what you want to write about, and have a decent amount of posts planned.
I wish I had followed this tip when I first started, as I started without any experience, direction and I had no idea what to post. I would find a few blogs you find interesting and use their posts as inspiration for yours. Also, find out how people like each post, which are the most popular, so you can focus on the popular points to find out what people like reading.

Get a good design.
I would recommend learning a bit of HTML yourself, or if you know you are doing blogging for quite a while, you could just splash out on a design. I wouldn't get a free premade template as it isn't really 'you'. Sure, you can customize it etc, but loads of other people will be using it. If you are going to do a design yourself, stick to a white background, as the text is easier to read. If you are going to have a textured background, leave the post area white. Only limit yourself to a maximum of two, or three colours. Go over that, and your blog will look a bit overboard. Remember, the content comes first, design is just an enhancement.

Sign up to Bloglovin'
One of the best things I have done for this blog is join Bloglovin'. I have found so many new blogs to read, and quite a lot of new readership. It is also super easy for your readers to use too, as they can keep up with all of your posts without missing any.

Blogging isn't a 'race'.
So many bloggers now only compete for readership, and after a few days when they gain very little, they give up. Sure, there might be a few cases where bloggers have a 'overnight success', but for the rest of us, this just doesn't seem to be the case. Blogging is hard, and it often takes months, even years, to be a 'big blog'. However, you should never be blogging for the popularity, blog for your readers and yourself. Your content is almost always more engaging when you realize this, and this will appeal to your visitors more.

Focus on awesome content.
As I mentioned in a previous point, content is everything. Nobody is going to follow a blog with a great design but rubbish content. You should also aim to take pictures with every post, and although this isn't an essential, I would as the post looks more appealing to the eye, and if you place the picture before the text, on Bloglovin' the picture will display with your post. Vary your content too, as the same type of thing gets boring. Recipes, Makeup, Hair, Wishlists, Hauls etc.

Hope this helped! What are your tips for beginners?


  1. Thanks for these tips! I started a blog not long ago and I'm really enjoying blogging, although I didn't feel like deciding on a certain direction, I think I'll just be writing about anything I like, really. And I wish I would be good in HTML so I could code my own layout but I suck at that stuff so I'm stuck with a free and clean template for now... So yeah what can I say?


    1. For the small details, start on a little bit of CSS, which loads of blogs do tutorials on. Self Known blog is a good one, I learnt a lot from there! x

  2. Hey Paige, random question but what's the hex or RGBA value of the blue you use for your social media buttons? xx


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