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How To Be More Productive

how to be more productive

Everyone gets those days where everything that could go wrong, goes wrong - myself no exception. For me, this is mostly caused by lack of organisation, as I like to keep everything on track with homework and blog posts etc. However, what I have found that helps me reduce the amount of these days is to attempt this little list to keep me more organised and prepared for everyday challenges, which helps with my focus towards tasks.

Plan your day ahead
I wrote a post about keeping organised here, and I am still trying to stick to this technique. I find this so much easier to keep track of everything going on with your life, and I find that I enjoy each event and moment more, as I don't have to worry about what I am going to do next.

Prioritize your to-do list
I have a bad tendency to do all the tasks I find fun first, and put the tasks I don't enjoy aside until the very last minute. This is something I would like to change, as I always find that after all the fun things are over, there is nothing left to look forward to. Prioritizing also is useful for deadlines, always do the projects that are due in first, then work your way forwards. It may sound simple, but you would be surprised at how many people do the opposite!

Remember that it's okay to have a break sometimes.
I like to remember the quote "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". Yes, you may want to get all of that work done and dusted to enjoy the weekend ahead, but your brain can only focus well for about one hour at a time. My advice is to take regular breaks of around 15 minutes every hour or so, to give your brain chance to refresh itself.

Decide when you are going to tackle each task and stick to it.
Having a simple routine in order really helps and motivates you to accomplish the task. I recommend to plan it out the week ahead, and leave gaps for short-notice challenges, instead of cramming them into one evening.

To keep a clear mind, keep your workspace tidy.
I try to do all of my work at my desk, which is where my laptop is and all of my essential stationery is kept. This is the place that I keep tidy all the time, as a tidy workspace leads to a clear mind. I have also decorated my desk to make it feel more personal, and just added a pretty canvas above it. I don't have to worry about this, as I already have a minimalist style, but I would recommend that you try to keep things fairly simple decoratively wise, as you don't want your workspace to actually distract you from doing work!

Eliminate all distractions like your phone, games or social media
To really just focus on your work, take away all of the distractions you have while you are working. I am trying to do this now while I am working, as it really helps me tick off all of my tasks. I tend to leave my phone and IPod at the other side of the room, and turn them off so I don't get distracted by the notifications. The only thing I do keep open is my emails, as I like to respond to people as quick as possible, and this can be accessed on my laptop.

Have a good nights sleep and wake up early
To wake up early feeling refreshed and ready to work, you need to have at least 8 hours of sleep a night. To help get to sleep quicker, turn off all electronic devices a hour or so before you plan on going to bed to help shut down your brain and get sleepy. If you are stuck for entertainment, read a book! Try to stick to a physical copy, and if you have a Kindle or reading device, turn the brightness down so it doesn't activate your brain!

What tips do you have to have a productive day?


  1. I am terrible at being productive. I'm a really big procrastinator. These are good tips, though--I'll keep them in the back of my head.

  2. Another big tip is putting your phone on airplane mode!

  3. Wonderful tips, Paige!

    xxJordan Sky

  4. I love scheduling, but unfortunately, I am rubbish at following it! One tip I've found helpful is working for a period of 50 minutes and then giving myself a 10 minute break whether it's watching a Youtube video or replying to a message :)

    Emily |

    1. Thats a great idea! I am exactly the same, I make to do lists but somehow they never seem to be followed...!


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