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How To Grow Your Instagram

how to grow your instagram

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most used social media sites. I don't use Instagram continuously, but I do have an account that I do regularly post pictures of. My account isn't the best, there are plenty of other prettier accounts than mine with a much bigger following, but I do like to share my photos with my friends and it's also a great way to discover new blogs - I have discovered quite a few bloggers myself! Of course, everyone is different and use Instagram in many different ways but I thought I would share with you my idea of a good account and tips that I try to use!

Post Regularly - People will keep coming back if they know there will be new content there for them when they visit your account. Try to keep to a schedule too, find out what time of the day is busiest for you in terms of likes/hearts and post then!

Quantity over Quality - Slight contradiction to the point above here, but don't post photos for the sake of posting. People will get annoyed that random photos are appearing on their feed and will likely unfollow you. Make sure the pictures you post are good quality, and you don't feel you are going to delete in the next hour.

Consistency - Try to keep your photos the same in terms of lighting, and quality. It looks so much cleaner and more eye catching when your photos are consistent instead of some light, and some really dark etc. 

Relevant Hashtags - Nothing turns me off more than a load of irrelevant hashtags cluttered at the bottom of the image. Its okay - I get it, you want lots of people to see your image and like it, but maybe tone it down a little? Surely you would want people who actually care about a element in your picture to like it, than a random stranger who is just looking to get followers? Then you get to gain a genuine following, instead of a few active people. 

Work for it - Followers don't just magically appear, you have to make your account known to them! Comment and like other peoples posts, some popular, some just your average account. There are lots of people that give shout-outs to accounts who are nice to them in the comments etc. Make sure you post relevant comments to the picture as this always looks ten times nicer than a F4F comment. Don't go overboard though, and spam them because that just gets annoying ;)

I hope this helped, and let me know if these tips improved your instagram feed!

p.s: if you would like to take a look at my Instagram feed, some of my latest pictures are at the side of my blog!


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