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15 Things You Need To Do This Week

I know it may be Tuesday, but as it was Bank Holiday yesterday this is basically the start of the week! Goodness knows why, but I woke up yesterday wanting to spend this week doing a few nice things during my everyday routine. Whether they be for others or myself, I thought I would share them with you to see if you wanted to join me on my little pact! So, what do I plan to do this week?

Compliment someone different everyday.
I always love it when I receive lovely comments, so I'm going to make it my aim to compliment other people each day throughout this week. I don't know about you, but when I give out compliments I always feel great about myself too! Bonus for you and the complimented person.

Plan out your week ahead, perhaps stretch to two weeks ahead!
I consider myself as a organised person when it comes to workbooks and pencilcases, however I would like to have a routine set in place for the next week or so, as it will help me prepare for each event in terms of outfits and supplies so I am not grabbing things last minute in order to arrive on time!

Take a photo per day and Instagram it.
I feel like I haven't posted on Instagram for ages, and because it is one of my favourite social media platforms (after Twitter of course) I want to use it more! I aim to take at least one picture per day, and upload it to Instagram to share with all of my friends and family. As it is so light these days, it will be a great activity to do after school. If you want to see these posts, a little Instagram widget is at the bottom of my blog!

Invite friends over.
I love organising things with my friends, I have done ever since I was little. Although the days are long gone when I planned out the games we were going to play, but I always find having a friend over makes the evening seem much more fun and enjoyable than on your own!

Eat three solid meals a day, and cut out on snacks.
Although I am happy with the weight I am, it would be nice to cut out some bad habits - one being snacking. I snack way to much, and I have decided that I will try out something where I eat 3 solid meals per day, and cut out the after school snacking I do and see what a difference it makes!

Clean up after myself.
I said before that I am quite organised, however I do have a habit of being messy, particularly in my bedroom! It drives my mum crazy, so I will try to make a effort to be tidier this week, putting clothes away when they have finished being washed, tidying up after myself when I have my hair dryer out etc, so everything will look tidier! Also, it means I don't have to do a mad tidy up the night before my friends come round ;-)!

Try a food I can't pronounce.
Usually, if I can't pronounce a food I don't want to eat it, but I want to try something new this week. Whether this is a new food from the supermarket in our weekly shop, or a exciting dish from a local takeout, it will be fun to give this a try. Who knows - maybe it will become my new favourite food!

Spend 24 hours without electronics.
Now, I am not quite sure if this will work out as well as I want it to, because our school does quite a lot of ICT but I'll certainly give it a go! I often read about people doing this and how proud they feel afterwards, and I think it would be a great experience for me, as I do spend lots of time on electronic devices. Oh dear, I have made it sound like I am out of touch with the outside world, but rest assured I'm not!

Start a journal - and stick to it.
I really like writing journals, but often I stop after a week or so because I just forget. This time, I want to keep writing, as I always love reading through my old journal entries from when I was little. To encourage myself, I even bought a new notebook which I can write in - always a good starting point!

Go to the movies.
There are lots of films I want to see at the cinema at the moment, so this week I plan to go see some of them! Whether it is with my friends or family, it will be a fun thing to do after a busy day of school and work, and it will be interesting to see if I can cope without popcorn!

Cook a three course meal for family.
I love cooking for the family, so I want to challenge myself and cook not one, not two, but three dishes for my family to eat for dinner. Or tea, whatever you call it! I want to have a go at making chocolate mousse, my last ones didn't set but there is always a second shot!

Go make-up free one day. 
This won't be hard, as I usually only go with BB cream, eyeshadow, mascara and powder, but it will be interesting all the same! I like to experiment with makeup, trying different eyeshadow colours etc, so I wear it quite often, but I do sometimes need those extra 5 minutes in the morning!

Spend my evenings doing a DIY.
As I won't be using electronics for 24 hours I will most likely get bored, so I have decided I am going to find a DIY that will take a few evenings to do. I love DIY, and I have just handed in my Design Technology GCSE, so I am looking for another project to keep me busy!

Do all work the night I receive it. 
Oh, wouldn't this just make life so much easier? I did all of my homework due in this week yesterday, and although I don't have to do any for now, it would be better if I didn't have to do it over the weekend!

Be happy!
My final aim is to be happy. I am nowhere near a negative person, but sometimes we can all get into a slump and I don't want this to happen - especially if I have all of this list to do! I also want to encourage the people around me to be happy to, I find that when you surround yourself with happy people, you become so much happier too!

Are you going to do these too? Have you got any other suggestions?


  1. These are amazing! I'm going to have to do some of these as well. I love the first idea and the one about keeping a journal. I've never been good with them either, I had one a while ago, but I stopped after finishing tne notebook. I'll have to start a new one.

    1. Oh no! I hate that when it happens - I don't want to push myself to write daily, because I know I will just get bored, but perhaps every other day or something? We shall have to see...

  2. Oh god - this post makes me inspiration/guilty because I know I should do them all (especially the top 5) but always get 'to busy' *eye roll*
    I think i need to print out the list and stick it on the fridge!
    Good luck getting these done this week (especially the journal)
    Kelsey x

    1. Haha, thank you! Let me know if you do manage to do these, it went well today so hopefully I will do okay!

  3. I have to give some of these a try, thanks for sharing. :)


  4. This was such a lovely list! I can't agree with you more about complimenting people, and I definitely need to give it a go.I loveee scheduling (even though I'm rubbish at following it) because it makes me feel like my life is in order and it's possible to get everything done x

    Emily |


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