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What Is A Media Kit and Why Do You Need One

A few weeks ago I updated my PR/Advertising page, and instead of displaying my ever-changing stats (those who have their stats on their blog will understand the struggle - anyone new who follows, the page has to be updated!) I decided to design my own media kit, to offer to the brands that email me asking for collaborations. Seeing as I only discovered what a media kit is recently, I thought many of you wouldn't know either, and I thought I would run through why you need a media kit and what to include on yours.


Also known as a media pack, a media kit for bloggers is a document that is available to PR brands or advertisers who are considering or choose to work with you. It includes all of the information they need to know about you and your blog, such as statistics, reader demographics and what types of sponsored posts you offer. If you think about the leaflets you get in shops for New Look etc, a media kit is the same things for a blog - just a electronic version!

Why do you need one, I hear you ask? A media kit is essential for those who want to pursue blogging seriously - it adds a professional touch to your blog, and it shows brands and advertisers that you take blogging seriously and aren't going to mess them around. It also saves endless emails explaining your blog stats and advertising packages, which is a plus for both sides: blogger and company. 


A media kit should include the following:

- Your name and a picture of yourself.
- A short paragraph about your blog. 
- Your reader demographics and stats.
- Any social media your blog is on, or you are willing to advertise companies on.
- A short paragraph of why they should work with you.
- Content you offer.
- Your blog policies.
- Contact details. 

Remember, first impressions count. Keep your layout clean and simple, and stick to one or two colours and fonts that compliment each other. It is also a good idea to have your media kit matching your blog or at least complimenting it in terms of fonts and colours. Remember to update your media kit every month or so, because then companies always get your better, updated stats.


If you have Photoshop, that would be a good place to design one, but for people who don't, Microsoft Office have some great options: Publisher, Word etc. Just remember, save your media kit as a PDF and a Microsoft Office file, so you can easily edit the document without having to design the whole thing over again. If you are wondering when to use it, the next time companies email you asking for your policies, send over your media kit so you look super professional and organised!

What do you think? Are you going to design a media kit for your blog?


  1. After ages of never knowing just what a media kit is, this post is perfect! It's not vague and is very helpful. (: Thanks so much!

  2. this is a great blog post, it's something i've never even thought of before! Thank you for the tips. Just found your blog and scrolling back, loving all your posts! xx


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