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Tips on Healthy Living

Healthy living is such an important thing; treating our bodies as they deserve and making yourself happy is fundamental. I'm not saying quit all junk food and go to the gym 3 times a day, of course not - but gradual, incremental, positive changes to your daily routine can make all the difference. I read something recently that resonates strongly with me; 'one healthy ideology isn't going to make you healthy, and one bad thing isn't going to make you unhealthy' - it's all about finding that balance.

Eat a variety of foods. Again the old saying comes up, but eating your 5 a day makes such an impact on your body. I don't think many realise how important this is. I shouldn't really be the person that is your inspiration to eat 5 fruit or vegetables a day, because sometimes I forget, but I am really making an effort lately to make sure I get at least 5 different fruit or vegetables into my body.

Get plenty of sleep. I know for a fact that if I don't get enough sleep, I will turn into this grumpy, moody person for the rest of the day! This isn't good for anyone; yourself or those around you. Part of  a healthy lifestyle is maintaining a healthy mental lifestyle too, and annoying the people you spend the most time with isn't a good way to keep your mental health healthy too, is it? Just another thing to add; if you don't get enough sleep, then it messes up your hunger emotions so you will end up eating more than you usually would.

Keep stress levels down. Everyone experiences stress sometime in their lives, it is natural. However, if you are stressed constantly, this is a bad sign for your mental, and physical health. A good way on how I deal with stress is to leave the stressful thing for a few hours, clear your head and enjoy something like spending time with friends or family, and then return to your 'thing' with a clear and refreshed mind. Not only will this reduce your stress levels, it will also help your motivation and keep inspiration flowing!

Look after yourself. I always feel unmotivated and uninspired when I am not feeling my best due to lack of self care. It is important to look after yourself as well as looking after others. If you are feeling a bit urgh, why not take a shower and spoil yourself to those lush products you have been saving for a special occasion? Or change into one of your favourite outfits and strut your stuff? However you want to pick yourself up, once you do it I will guarantee you that you will instantly feel better about yourself and be on the road for inspiration and motivation!

What are your tips on healthy living? Do you agree with mine?


  1. Oh I love your blog so much! Just came across it, definitely going to add it in my bookmarks! xxx


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