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My Morning Routine

Hello everybody! You usually see Morning Routines on YouTube, and after watching a lot few of them recently I decided to recreate the classic morning routine into a blog post for you today. I decided to post a morning routine that doesn't include school because that way this post becomes so much more interesting and less predictable!

To begin with, I try to wake up as late as possible (!) which usually includes about 9 o'clock, haha! I then either go on my phone or my laptop if they are on hand for half an hour and go on things like Twitter, Instagram, Blogger or text my friends to see what they are up to; usually they are in exactly the same position as I am!

I then decide I need to get some breakfast, so I get out of bed, put on some slippers, head out of my room and walk to the kitchen. I usually eat what is in the house for that day, but today was some cereal so I ate some of that for my breakfast. I usually eat in the lounge, but I wanted to eat in the dining room today because my sister was watching something rubbish on TV!

After this, I usually return to my bedroom and make my bed so it looks all neat! I then put my clothes from the night before into the laundry basket so my floor is all tidy and open my wardrobe to pick out something to wear. Today I opted for some leggings and a black and white winged jumper because I was only doing my homework, taking/writing blog posts and cleaning my room that day!

This is usually the time when I check out YouTube and see if any of my subscriptions have uploaded a new video, and after this I get started on homework. There isn't usually that much to do as I always try to complete my homework the night I get it, but today there was some English to do as I had Musical Theatre on Tuesday so I couldn't do it! After this, I can then start to take blogging photos and writing some posts for the week ahead.

I hope you enjoyed this recreation of the classic morning routine and let me know if you want me to do more updated ones in the future! I found this was super fun to produce and I will see you in my next post!

What does your morning routine look like?


  1. Our morning routines are so similar, I try to stay in bed as long as possible until I realize I have a lot of homework to do >w<

  2. This looks almost identical to my morning routine, Paige. x There's just one slight problem - Why did you have to remind me about my algebra homework?? ;(
    ~ Sanjana

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