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Our Gingerbread House

Despite Christmas having been and gone, I just wanted to keep the festive season alive for a couple more posts and share my family's gingerbread house. Unfortunately, we couldn't take the risk of trying to bake our own gingerbread to build so we bought some from the trusty Morrisons (well done, Nanny!) and built it from there!

I was in charge of the structure of the house; and built it using the icing supplied - FYI, it was very nice icing, so a few pieces may have gone into my mouth ;) - but was told later I did a rubbish job because the roof started to slide off! After I built it, my sister was decorating the house and I think she did quite a good job of it, don't you think? We tried to keep as close to the packet house as possible, and it looks rather cute!

Have you ever made or built a gingerbread house?


  1. It's really cute! I've never tried to make a gingerbread house before. :)
    Amelia Grace

    1. Thank you! You totally should try and make one, they always add a great decoration to the house! x

  2. This is the cutest ginger bread house I've seen this year! I didn't make one this year unfortunately, we decided to make a Yule Log instead haha, great post x
    Minae ♥ MinaekeiLatest Blog Post!

  3. Oh, Paige, it's such a darling gingerbread house! I made my first one with my mom Christmas day, and I can share it if you'd like, but yours is such precious.
    ~ Sanjana


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