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How To Organise Your Wardrobe

For those who know me, I am a bit of an organisational freak. I drive my best friends and family crazy with my funny little habits like having my pencil case all organised and my books in alphabetical order etc! I like to have my wardrobe organised too, in to sections and drawers which can really help me decide what to wear and pair with other clothing. I understand many people can see a daunting task, so I have put together a guide to help those trying to organise their wardrobe!

Just a sidenote, organising your wardrobe takes time - this should be done on a spare afternoon when you aren't doing anything!

Empty your existing wardrobe and sort items into three piles.
The first thing I do when sorting out my wardrobe is completely empty it. I take out everything from my underwear to my shoes, and give the wardrobe a quick clean - it's not going to get one in a while! It might also be a good idea to add scented sachets if your wardrobe is an old one - before I changed my furniture to white, I always liked to add the lavender sachets (they do some really good, cheap ones in Home Bargains) to my wardrobe to make it smell nice! 

I then sort everything into three piles; keep, sell, bin. Obviously, the keep pile are the clothes you wear often and still fit you etc. The sell pile contains clothing you don't really wear often and are in saleable condition - there are lots of Facebook 'Buy and Sell' groups you could sell clothes on, not to mention Ebay or Depop etc. My bin pile contains clothing I have worn to much it has got out of shape or very faded, or the clothing that is too small or too big for me! 

Plan out where clothing is going to go. 
Before you start to refill your wardrobe, I recommend you plan out where items are going to go. You may want to consider having a switch around where things are kept to make it easier to access. Plan out where you want everything to go, and you may find yourself some extra storage. Once you have planned out everything, why not invest in some compartments for your drawers etc. I have one for my underwear drawer to divide my socks, underwear and bras from each other so they are easier to access. 

Put items into appropriate place. 
Once I have decided where everything is going, I like to make sure everything is folded and turned the right way out and place or hang them into the appropriate section. In my 'tops' drawer, I then have organised it further into a Jumpers pile, a Fitness Gear pile, Short Sleeved pile etc, which makes it even easier to access. When it comes to jeans etc, I have organised them into dark to light which just makes it look prettier and neater on the shelf! Fiddle around with your items, place shoes in colour order on a shelf etc, until everything looks nice and organised. 

How do you organise your wardrobe?


  1. Funny enough, I organised my own wardrobe yesterday!
    I sorted my clothes into uniform, jumpers, tops. dresses and trousers.
    There is something so rewarding about organising anything from schoolbooks to clothes!
    Love your new blog design by the way ♥

    Lauren |Pretty Things & Polka Dots

    1. That sounds like a great way to organise your wardrobe! I find organising really fun - I know I am a bit of a weirdo! Thank you Lauren, and for commenting! x

  2. these are great tips! i'll be sure to use them next time i organize my stuff :) which reminds me, i should do that soon ^_^
    lovely new design!

  3. I really need to do a wardrobe clean out so I'll defiantly be using these tips!!

    Katie xo | KTMY

  4. I need to organize my wardrobe, too. <3 Getting rid of new things always gives an excuse to go shopping!


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