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How To Write Good Blog Posts

Before we get started, I don't claim to have the best blog, written content or photography by any means, however I do feel that during my time blogging I have gathered up enough knowledge as to what makes a good blog post. I thought I should mention that although I would like you to read the whole post through, remember to take these tips with a pinch of salt because blogging is a personal journey, and my ideas might not be the same as your own!

Plan out your post.
Before you even start to write out your blog post, it is always a good idea to have a rough idea as to what you are going to say and put across to your readers. You can write these plans in a notebook, but personally I don't bother as I prefer to let the post form itself while I am writing it! Think of a rough writing plan in your head, and I find this helps when forming the post into words.

Don't ramble. 
Hands up - I am guilty of this one! However, I think that making sure you don't go off on a tangent when writing your post is a great tip to follow. Although its a bit heart crushing to think, most readers aren't going to read every single word in your blog post if it is super long. Try to stick to the point of the blog post, and make sure you get the point across to your readers!

Don't limit yourself. 
This may be slightly contradicting my last point, but even though its best not to ramble, limiting your writing isn't good either. If your post is super brief and non-informative, your readers aren't going to get any benefit from it because they haven't learnt anything! Make sure the points you are making are informative enough that your readers know what you are on about, and can gain some knowledge into what you are saying.

Structure your writing.
If you tend to write in one massive block of text, perhaps try and break it up into smaller more manageable chunks for your readers. Little paragraphs look much more reader friendly than big paragraphs, and you may find people leave you more comments because they have read more of the post! Also, a good idea is to include bold or italic writing to draw your readers attention to certain parts of your blog post, like the main points on this post you are reading.

Read through your blog post at the end. 
Something not many bloggers do, including myself sometimes, is read through their post after writing it. I find reading through your post makes sure you haven't left any grammar or spelling mistakes. Also, if you read through your post then you are having an insight into what the reader is reading. I find this helpful, because then I can make customisations to my post to make it more interesting etc. If you get bored when reading your own post, what are your readers going to think?

How do you write your blog posts?


  1. I love this blogposts so much!! It was super helpful and I will definitely be using some of these tips!! Thankyou!! xx

  2. awesome tips :) I must say that i'm guilty of rambling....A LOT....but, hey, i'm working on it :) Lovely post <3

    1. Thank you Autumn! I ramble a lot too - you should see the amount of words I have to edit out! x

  3. Hi Paige! If you're interested, I nominated you to do the Happy Tag on my blog. It's super fun and easy!:) here it is:

    1. Thanks Elizabeth - I will check this out x

  4. Great tips. I'm currently trying to plan out my blog post better and get into a blogging schedule. This post is really helpful. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Sophie - I am glad these tips helped you! x

  5. Definitely agree with these tips, especially reading through the post at the end because like you said it helps to avoid mistakes & you can make sure your words come across to the reader the way you want them to :) Thanks for sharing your tips x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings


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