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Photo Diary: Berlin

A couple of weeks ago I went on a school trip to Berlin as part of my History GCSE. It was a super fun and educational trip, and I have come away with some really nice memories with my friends and teachers! When arriving home, I found that I had taken quite a few photos and decided that I would share a photo diary like London with you all. Again, these photographs aren't super good quality but I hope you enjoy them nevertheless!

Have you ever been to Berlin?


  1. What do you mean they aren't good quality? They're beautiful! You alway compose your shots so well.
    I was really enjoying seeing the photos you were sharing on Instagram. I'm glad you decided to share more here.

  2. You took some amazing photos on this trip & it looks like you had a fab time! I would love to do visit somewhere like this x

    1. Thank you! It was pretty awesome, and I hope you get to go sometime soon! x

  3. These photos all look amazing.

  4. I thought I already commented on this- dangit.
    I would love to go to Germany one day. This year for an elective I've been taking German. These pictures are so inspiring, Paige. Now I want to work even harder at the language.


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