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4 Ways To Stay Motivated

Happy March! Motivation is something everyone can struggle with from time to time, and it can come in all sorts of forms. Whether it may be with school work, blogging or a hobby it is always a massive bummer when you get stuck in a slump - so I have put together tips to help stay out of a negative slump and keep you feeling motivated!

Join a group.
Whether it be your friends, family or random strangers joining a group is something that can motivate you to stick with your goals and hobbies. I tend to go along the lines of if you don't do this, you are letting the whole team down. This can adapt to suit whatever you are struggling to motivate yourself with, for example with blogging you could collaborate with other bloggers!

Take a break. 
When you work yourself super hard over something, one of the best things to do is to take a step back. This may be hard to do, but taking some time for yourself can really help relax yourself and reduce the stress. I always find that once I have had a nice bubble bath and read a couple of books, I feel motivated and full of inspiration again, however you have to find something that motivates you.

Make a journal.
I can see some yawns in the audience, but hear me out here! Journalling is a great way to document and reflect back on good motivation streaks and bad slumps. Whenever you do your hobby or task, just make a quick note on how you felt about it and how well you achieved your goals. Then, when you are in a similar situation you can reflect back on your past self and get yourself motivated again.

Listen to some music.
There is nothing like listening to your favourite tunes when looking for motivation. I always find that having a bit of a party on your own can motivate and inspire you to get back at your aims. Why not create a playlist on Spotify or your music app and just jam it out? Did I really just say that? - okay, moving on...

What do you find helps motivate you? 


  1. Great tips! Music always works for me. xo

    1. I find it to be a massive motivator! x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nabila - glad you found them useful! x

  3. I love the tips! :) Most of them works all the time.. I have made some tips as well on how to overcome writer's block :) These tips are helpful :)

    Rica |

  4. Thanks so much for these tips, Paige! I love reading the bible or listening to super upbeat music to motivate me :)

    Edye //


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