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Best Places To Shop Sales

best places to shop sales

I'm just going to put my hands up now and say - I love sales shopping. I find that you can buy so many great bargains from shops that sell great products that may provide a dint in some people's bank accounts, especially when adding up lots of products. I've gathered my favourite places to grab sales bargains, whether they have great discounts or wide varieties of sales - they all have, in my opinion, sales worth checking out.


I love a good H&M sale, and they seem to have them very frequently - which is fab for cheap new clothes on the regular! I personally like the H&M store sales more than online, as I can get a better idea on how the clothes look but it is all down to personal preference. H&M have great quality clothes which are on trend, and easy to wear!


I love Lush sales, I think they mostly do sales after Christmas but the discount you get is amazing. Even though I love browsing Lush throughout the year, £3-£4 for a bathbomb is super expensive (don't come at me) so I love getting them at a fraction of the price. You can buy these in store and online, I haven't had the chance to buy in store sales before, but if you wanted to avoid massive online queues in store shopping is certainly an option.


I know, I know, Topshop is really expensive - but it is a hell of a lot cheaper than normal prices. Despite the usual expense though, the quality of clothes is practically unbeatable as they are such a good make - and getting the same quality at fraction of the price? Yes please. I like browsing both online and in store, online to get a initial feel of what's on sale and in store for trying clothes on and purchasing. You can also find some gems in store that are on sale, which perhaps wouldn't be online!


Primark isn't so much a 'sales' shop as it is an all round cheap shop, but I for one have noticed such a improvement in quality these past few years! It is slowly becoming more expensive, but the quality is great - equal to other stores with a much bigger price tag. I like getting staple bits from Primark as they have great seasonal clothing and home-ware!

What are your best places to shop for sales?


  1. Lovely post! I tend to shop in the sales for the year ahead, getting cheaper items for seasons to come. I do find the January sales are a bit chaotic just after Christmas, but Boots and Lush are good then. If you are looking for an amazing bargain, I love Primark’s sales, I picked up a jumper dress for £3 earlier in the year. I like H&M too, they seem to have some nice bits in. :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thank you Helen! I'm the same, it's very chaotic but the sales are worth it. Thanks for commenting x

  2. Shopping in the sales is my life!! I love H&M and Primark so much - Primark is my go-to for basic tshirts, because you can't really go wrong when it's £3! I've never really ventured into Topshop, so I'll have to pop in next time I go shopping x


    1. Topshop is certainly worth it with sales on, most of my bits I own were bought in them, haha! Primark is amazing - I love it! x


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