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Those Two Words: 'Thank You'

Like others, I've always been told to say 'please' and 'thank you' for anything that I ask for by my mum and dad - for me, I almost say them as frequently as I say 'sorry' to inanimate objects - but it's only recently I have realised how important the word is. We live in a world now which is rapidly changing from day to day and the art of basic manners is seemingly disappearing. I know lots of people are brilliant in the way they display no end to their kindness and demeanour (ooh look at me and my fancy words) but there are many who aren't so.

Something I love doing is writing a simple 'thank you' card for various occasions; birthdays, special outings, company and most recently Christmas - the art of expressing your thanks is slowly fading, and I feel determined to help bring it back. These cards I bought from Amazon, and I think they are so beautiful and classy with their silver foil detailing on the letters, and they were so cheap too! 

Inside my thank you cards isn't very elaborate as I like to keep things simple, but I make sure that I spend time writing these so a meaningful and thoughtful thanks is expressed. I plan to share these cards with my sister, so we can both write our own little messages because post is so expensive! Cards aren't the only way to express thanks either; text messages, calls and just by using the words 'thank you' in everyday life are such a easy way to spread a bit of positivity around in a world where we need it.

Try it the next time your out and about, and make a conscious effort to say thanks to the world around you - whether it be saying thanks to a Christmas present, or to someone letting you cross the road, this effort is a surefire way to boost some positivity for others, and yourself too. I'm taking this approach into 2018 as one of my goals, and I hope to inspire others to as well!

thank you, for reading x


  1. Saying thank you is just so important!! Absolutely loved this post. :) :) <3


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