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Without meaning to sound too much like a cliche Adele quote with 'hello, it's me', it does feel slightly odd sitting here writing a new blog post for the first time in the best part of 2 years. Everything seems so new, and yet it also feels as though no time has passed at all! I suppose it's within the joy of writing; once you capture your love for something, it never truly leaves you no matter how long you leave it.

Look at that little excited face!

Well - 25 thousand 'relaunch your blog today!' posts, seventy five million html and blog building, and a couple time wasting hours later and I'm back, baby! It's been a long time coming, there is no denying it - my mum always says 'don't beat around the bush'; so I suppose here we are. Are we here because coronavirus taking over the world and the consequences of lockdown has presented me with no jobs or employment, no university and an abundance of free time? Well, yes. But we're here also because I've missed writing, I've missed engaging with a community and well, I've been told to get back into it by pretty much everyone.

Those who used to follow me may not recognise the name; but The Joys of Being Paige is no more, instead being rebranded to the all new (look at that shiny new custom domain) - this was something of a consideration when I was blogging a couple of years ago, but upon relaunching I felt the time was right to finally take the plunge! My Instagram and Twitter have both been 'paigeeadesxo' for quite sometime so it's nice to have a bit of cohesion across the platforms whilst still maintaining the essence of moi - sometimes blogging can be quite a separated world between personal and work but it's good to have both, don't you think?

During my absence I have inevitably matured (or so I like to think), and the same can be said for this site. The new redesign purchase is a recent addition; having spent so long trying to adapt the template I designed myself to be an aesthetically pleasing mobile template to little avail; I've splashed out but made a couple of tweaks and customisations myself. Every effort has been made to make the site run as smoothly as I can; but if you do experience any issues, please do let me know so I can sort it out to make it better for everyone! 

Side note; is now a good time to admit that my sleep rate at the moment has gone out the window in preparation for this? No? I'll just keep chatting then, I suppose it doesn't really matter either way; it's not like we've got anything planned for the foreseeable...

The site should be running smoothly; but if you do see any gaps in quality or have any suggestions - please do give me a message so it can get resolved and run smoothly for all readers.

What has happened since we last spoke? There's a lot to unpick here - but to start off with I passed my driving test pretty soon after my birthday! It feels like a lifetime ago and I only just realised that meeting that milestone was met after I stopped blogging - cor, it makes me feel like I'm going have to do a bit more dusting off around here than I thought - oops...

Sixth Form has been completed with all A Levels in Business Management, Media & Communications and English Language and Literature achieved and I moved on to studying BA Business Management at Chester University back in September. On that theme, I managed to obtain a full scholarship for university (I've still no idea how); so a lot of time has been spent on focusing and developing my skills through as many opportunities as I can.

For those who like a bit of the ol' romance story; I met my now boyfriend late October 2018 and we celebrated our one year recently (ah - young, sweet love eh?) We're currently lovingly annoying each other whilst in lockdown; what more could you expect?

It's not all been happy with sunshine and rainbows, there has been some hardships; losing my Grandad last year was heartbreaking - as a family, we haven't experienced many close relative losses so it did hit home. We've got to the stage now where it's been really nice to talk about him though and learn some things about him from people's memories - I always think old stories are the best, aren't they? You capture some hidden gems amongst the laughter!

Back to the blog itself and to give you some idea as to the plans are; I've been going through all the content on this blog; updating posts that I still think could be found interesting or engaging to read (you may strongly disagree, but lets just go with it for now) and deleting others that aren't relevant anymore, or just don't make sense to keep. To be honest; you're welcome; there is no more young, naive Paige informing everyone as to what she did at the weekend - how sweet.

In what way am I focusing posts for the future? The current plan is to merge between a personal and lifestyle blog - think baking, advice posts from this lil' novice, perhaps some university content, book themes and reflection on society or world events posts. and I would like to include some blogging content and tips as I get back into the swing of things; but that's for when we've settled a bit. For now though; you can look through the blog post labels in the menu bar to find some existing content. I aim to be posting future content on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings; and we will see how that goes as to whether it suits people or if it comes down to needing change. 

It's been lovely engaging and building relationships with people on Twitter as well; and it's something I am hugely enjoying and it's lovely to see and be part of the blogging community again. It's about time I stopped using it for retweeting funny memes and added some meaningful connections and threw myself back into everything. You can follow me; there are a couple of links in the sidebar to make it super duper easy! (man, self promotion never is going to be easy, is it?)

It's almost funny; I was 16 when I last blogged and there were not many younger UK bloggers on the scene that I knew of so found it really difficult to relate to those who were buying houses, getting married, having kids, moving abroad etc; now I'm excited to see a rise in fresh content and eyes with those who are similar age to me, going through similar life experiences. They do say to give it all you've got, right? On that note; here's to us. (lets raise our glasses; whether it be imaginary, a cup of tea or a swig of something stronger - no judgement here, and it's lockdown - anything goes!) 


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