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Top Travel Destinations You Need To Visit Next

Top Destinations You Need To Visit Next plane journey

Is it just me who is absolutely desperate to travel? Sitting in whilst in lockdown has made me realise just how much I would love to be using my university holidays and weekends to go and see more of the world and 'broaden my horizons' as all those who are grown and mature say. I've been decorating my Pinterest Boards with urgency; initially I had a universal 'travel' board, but soon decided to break that down into individual places!

Travel isn't always something that I have loved (although I have written a few posts around the subject) - I'm not the biggest fan of aeroplanes (I think I've read/watched one fictional aircraft horror scene too many) but the idea of exploring places and cultures I have never experienced before just excites me. There are so many beautiful areas around the world; and I can't wait to be able to visit more of them. I'm fortunate enough to have already been lots of places with my family - some of my fondest childhood memories (and memories from the last couple years too!) have been abroad with my parents, sister and grandparents in the sun, exploring local markets and cities whilst on holiday.

I've got a whole list of places in my notes app where I'd love to go; and it gets added to on a regular basis (you could say perhaps at an unhealthy rate, I prefer to think of it as eager enthusiasm) and thought I'd share with you my top 5 places to either inspire you or add to your similarly ever-growing travel list. My favourite types of holidays tend to be long weekend trips; packed with activities and places to check off. I love being busy when travelling; in fact - having a whole itinerary for the trip is what dreams are made of! Others are completely different and take exploring in a whole other relaxed approach, but I suppose that is what makes travelling so diverse a hobby. 

Budapest Hungary scenic shot where to travel next

Matthias Church, Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest has been on my travel bucket list for the longest time - I mean, just look at the architecture and design of Matthias Church! I've got some top places I would love to see including; Buda Castle (Royal Palace), Fisherman’s Bastion, Gellert Thermal Bath, Ruin Bars in the Jewish Quarter and Heroes Square, so taking the time to properly visit and sight see all of them would be such a dream. The architecture, just looking from photographs, reminds me of Prague (if you haven't been - GO!) which was an absolutely gorgeous city break - so cheap too! Anyway; back to the topic in hand. 

I've heard great things about Hungarian food and markets, so would be so excited to try flavours and foods that I never have before. Isn't that one of the best things about travelling; the different foods? I always love to try and immerse myself within the country's culture to the best of my ability - it makes the trip feel so much more authentic. To be honest, I'm still thinking of the beautiful photographic opportunities around the city; and cannot wait to travel here.

rugged wadi gorges carved out by the Dadès River in Morocco

Morocco street with donkey


Morocco is one that I would stay slightly longer than I usually would whilst travelling; as it's just that little further to travel but it's an absolutely beautiful corner of the world, with all it's history, culture and landscape coming in abundance. At the time of writing; the top places I am interested in visiting is Marrakesh and Fes; but am more than open to further recommendations if anyone has them. 

I understand from a few sources that it can be a little uncomfortable to travel as a solo female in some parts; so would definitely take my boyfriend or go as a group - but as with every featured country in this post; Morocco is such a gorgeous place that I think it's worth the visit just to gain the whole experience and fully immerse yourself within the culture. 

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city that my boyfriend and I have wanted to visit for the longest time, but just haven't managed to do so yet. It's such a gorgeous city; with such rich, unique culture. I feel like it's one of those 'must visit' in terms of travel; so we are keen to tick it off the travel list! This is another destination that fills me with excitement to try the food - I love Spanish food, restaurants and cuisine and would love to try and eat authentically - apparently it is just isn't the same unless you are in Spain. 

In terms of places and attractions; markets and exploring the architecture would be primitive on the ol' itinerary. I've also seen lots of recommendations to try and explore the Gothic quarter for a lively and bubbling area of the city; which also sounds really fun. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Again; this is one that is on everyone's bucket lists isn't it? My best friend and I have looked at going to Amsterdam since the beginning of sixth form and I really hope that after COVID-19 stops ruining chances of travel and tourism that we can make it happen. In fact; it was just the other day over a socially distanced picnic that we were talking about travelling places in-between university holidays - so we both really hope it can happen soon; it would be the best girls trip! The city is so beautiful; and a great chance for photographs; despite being expensive (although there are several guides and ways to travel on a budget, which is excellent!) I think Amsterdam is somewhere that everyone has to check off their travels as it is a unique experience. 

I have several places I would love to visit here; but the main one has to be the Anne Frank museum as it has fascinated me since reading her diary in whilst in Year 6. Apparently the Heineken experience is also a great attraction to utilise; as it is well worth the money with tons of activities - so I would definitely look at that. I think what is best though is all of the gorgeous cafes and streets; which are easily accessible by all public transport and bicycles. 

Santorini, Greece buildings on a hill

Santorini, Greece sea view with pink buildings

Santorini, Greece

I fell in love with Greece after watching Mama Mia (I mean, who didn't? The second film only added to my love of Greece - why can't I be the next Donna Sheridan, travelling the world without a care? Not fair if you ask me); and it inspired me to look into Greek islands more and decide where I want to go. Now; I want to visit them all but Santorini is the top of my list - just look how gorgeous it is. I love the architecture with bright coloured buildings and the sea views you can experience just look incredible. 

I'm not a massive party girl (much prefer a cosy night in, watching films snuggled on the sofa ANYDAY); so apparently Santorini offers the same beautiful scenery as Mykonos minus the massive party atmosphere. The most popular town for visiting is Oia; and that is where many of the stunning photographs you see on all of the travel guides or Instagram locations come from. As it is a smaller place; it would be easily seen in it's entirety over my ideal long weekend travel trip as well!

What are your top places to visit? Has lockdown made you travel hungry too? 

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