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Hi, my name is Paige! I'm a 19 year old BA Business Management undergraduate returning to blogging following a long break. Some OG readers may remember this blog as 'The Joys of Being Paige', but upon returning I have decided to rebrand to allow myself almost a fresh start.

I find comfort in writing; since a young age I have always found myself being more interested and focused in language than the hard-core science and mathematics! Usually you find me baking, spending time with friends and focusing on university work and the extra commitments I've picked up along the way. 

This site is my way of sharing a bit of everything; take a look at my posts and you'll find some baking posts and recipes, some life reflections, book reviews and some general life tips from little ol' me for those who take my word to mean anything. 

Join me on bumbling along through this confusing and wonderful life; I can't promise much, but I'll give it my best shot!

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